Welcome to Onelife Martial Arts.

Affiliated to both International Taekwon-Do Federation And World Association of Kickboxing Organisations. All classes taught by Master James Horobin 7th Degree Master Instructor. assisted by Master Ian Green 7th Degree Master instructor and Mr Tim Telcik 6th Degree International instructor.

ITF Taekwon-Do

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, a way of life and a tool for social development.  Well known for its explosive kick and punching techniques.  Taekwondo translates as ‘the art of hand and foot’.  A traditional military martial art with a focus discipline and developing strong moral culture. If you want to improve fitness, flexibility, or stamina in a safe and proven system then we have classes that cater for you.

Developed by General Choi Hong Hi. TKD modern, scientific, Dynamic martial art practiced across the world.  Whether young or old, fit or not, we will make you feel at home and get you working on improving all aspects of your well being. TKD is a great family martial art.

WAKO Kickboxing

The World Association of Kickboxing Organisations is the largest Kickboxing Organisation in the world with 147 member countries. It is the only governing body recognized by the Global Association of Sports Federations and the International Olympic Committee. WAKO Supports and governs Local, national and international events and World Kickboxing Championships. Its aim is to promote Kickboxing sport at all levels as a positive means to contribute to the development of society.  A great activity for Improving fitness and well being for all ages and fitness levels.

Our various classes cater for all from kids to adults. Classes develop focus, drive and discipline promoting fitness and flexibility, confidence and courage we offer local national and international tournaments, seminars and social events.