Little Dragons Program

ITF TaeKwon-Do Perth – Little Dragons

Our Little Dragons Martial Arts classes are aimed at  4-7 year olds. They are a brilliant way to introduce young children to Taekwon-Do in a safe, fun and non pressured environment. The class is jam packed with activities for kids.  With a syllabus based on the moral and physical aspects of Taekwon-Do including the tenets Courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, and indomitable spirit.

These classes are held in Success Primary School, Wentworth Parade every Saturday morning from 9 am. Classes are also held at the Willagee Community Center every Sunday from 9 am. The classes are very popular so please contact us regarding availability.

Martial arts for Kids in Perth
Dragons Taekwon-Do for children

We have safe matted training areas. Most parents bring a coffee and sit down to watch the Dragons classes. If your little one is nervous then jump on the floor with them, no problem. This is a common thing, however before long, their confidence will be soaring and you will see the positive change!

Dragons classes provide the perfect environment for kids to learn Taekwon-Do correctly and safely! Dragon Taekwon-do is the ultimate as far as ‘things to do’ in Perth for kids. So call today for your free trial and get your child’s started on his journey in the martial arts.

Tae Kwon Do classes for kids
Little Dragons Program Taekwon-Do Perth