Taekwon-Do classes

ITF Taekwon-Do Classes 

Willagee Community Centre.                           

 Sunday          930 am  White to Blue belt.

                         1030 am Red to Black belt

AKKA Martial arts, Osborne Park                                      

Sunday           4 pm   White to Blue belt

                          5 pm   Red to Black belt                        

Success Primary School                                   

 Saturday 930 am White to Yellow belt.                          1015 am Green to Blue belt

                    11am Red to Black belt


Please phone or email us for more information.

We have ITF Taekwon-Do approved Masters and  international instructors which means your certificates and rank will be recognized the world over. Our instructors are highly experienced and have trained all over the world. So rest assured you are in safe hands.

Students are taught a syllabus in line with the ITF globally. Classes are set up in age suitable groups for all from 7 years onward.

Students begin by learning patterns, sparring, theory and self-defense. We see huge changes in the students as they embark on their journey into martial arts and learn Taekwon-Do in-depth. Students work their way through a rank belt system from white belt through to Black belt degree grades confident in the knowledge that the certification they receive is internationally recognized by the world governing body. In a proven traditional martial arts system.

The fun and energy is immense so students still get to experience a terrific class with a focus on learning true ITF Taekwon-Do.