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You can drop us an email at learn more about taekwondo classes  and find out where they are held.

Or you can phone us on 0410804056 and speak to our chief instructor.  You can get more info on TaeKwon-Do online by simply liking us on facebook at

contact us
contact us
contact us

Lots of people come to us and worry that they are not in shape and may not be able to do Tae Kwon-Do. Perfectly natural way to feel. Our classes are designed to ease you into the sport and get you on the road to staying fit and remaining healthy for many years to come.

Remember our Tae Kwon-Do classes are held at Willagee Community Centre on a Sunday morning and at North Lake Senior Campus on Winterfold Road.

Our facebook page is regularly updated and you can keep abreast of class times and up coming events that are happening with our club members.

We are ITF TAEKWON-DO PERTH approved international instructors so it means your certificates and rank are recognised all over the world when you attend Taekwondo classes(ITF).  Our instructors are very experienced and have trained all over the world. You are in safe hands !

For more information on our national association in Australia, click

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