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TaeKwon-Do Classes Perth

TaeKwon-Do Classes Perth

Peter Perth Promo shot

TaeKwon-Do Classes Perth Start back !

New Students welcome


Welcome to ITF  TaeKwon-Do Perth, Australia. We hope that you find this website full of TAEKWONDO  information. ITF Taekwon-Do is the original traditional form of Taekwon-Do developed by Major General Choi Hong Hi, 9th Degree blackbelt. ITF Taekwon-Do is a modern, scientific and explosive martial art which is practised all over the world today. It does not matter whether you are young or old, fit or not so fit, our Instructors are here to make you feel at home and get you working on improving all aspects of your wellbeing. We have TaeKwon-Do Classes in Perth so come along!

Based in the beautiful Perth City, Western Australia, our Instructors are ITF(International Taekwon-do Federation) certified black belts and are in receipt of Federal Police clearance certificates. All our martial arts instructors have ‘Working with Children’ certificates and are first aid trained. For more information, browse our website here or contact us. Cú Chulainn Perth Taekwondo classes are run at Willagee Community Centre, at the corner of Archibald Street/Winacott Street and in North Lake at the North Lake Senior Campus on Winterfold Rd.

Come train with us and get fit. Learn self defence, a new sport/martial art and above all learn the brilliant art that is Taekwondo. You can find our Tae kwon do club on facebook at and our google+ plus is easily searched for too. Feel free to contact us by phone or email regardng Taekwon-do lessons !  We look forward to hearing from you.

Newly Promoted Blue Belt Red Tags – North Lake and Willagee TKD


Forgot to upload pictures of Jay Smyth and Joe Lee who successfully passed their Taekwon-Do blue belt red tag grading on Thursday 13th Nov 2014 in North Lake Senior Campus. I held a special grading for Jay who has been with us since the start. Jay is unavailable to make tomorrow’s grade hence why I organised this grade(not the norm!!).Jay is heading overseas and when he returns will be taking a job in the mines up north. We are very sad to see him leave and hope he gets back one day to see us all in 2015. Best of luck and well done to both lads on their promotion to red tag. Hopefully Jay can keep us his Taekwon-Do training overseas.

New TKD Merchandise

Finn modelling new Taekwon-do equipment and gear

Check out our new hoodies and ITF Taekwon-Do polo shirts !!! We are selling out quick so place an order asap ! Our ITF Tae kwon do doboks are in stock also so if you need to size up or fancy an extra training uniform then let us know. Our Taekwondo doboks are light weight for the summer and look great ! Do not forget the Christmas is coming up and the Taekwon-Do polo shirts and hoodies area great item to place under the Christmas tree. Our recent trip to the ITFTaekwon-do national championships in Brisbane was a great way to represent the school. Our polo shirts and hoodies are fully embroided with our school logo and ITF Taekwon-Do Perth logo.

Check out our Finn modelling the new Taekwon-Do gear !